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Häng med Per och Gue Sweden till en av världens finaste dykplaster mitt i centrala Budapest!

10 500 kr

Häng med på en underbart vecka med vrakdyking i Narvik. 1-7 September bär det av!

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7 240 kr

The Halcyon Traveler Pro builds upon the popularity of the Traveler system with its unique lightweight nylon backplate and combining it with the classic Eclipse wing. The Nylon backplate has integrated Cinch quick-adjust system and single tank adapter making sure the tank is snug on the back in the most comfortable way.

2 039 kr

The H-50D is a high performance diaphragm first stage, fully sealed and built for harsh conditions. Diaphragm first stages where no cold water comes in contact with inner parts. Balanced, environmetally sealed diaphragm Four low pressure ports Two opposing high pressure ports. Nitrox 40% compatible from start Possible to upgrade to fully oxygen...

2 396 kr

Breathing underwater should feel natural and that experience you will have with a Halcyon second stage. With a smooth and steady high flow of gas you can feel comfortable on any dive. The Halo is a balanced downstream second stage that works perfectly with all Halcyon first stages. Adjustable inhalation control ACV setting for additional fine...

624 kr

Halcyons pressure gauges are highly reliable made from the best materials and with a luminescent face making them easy to read. The standard SPG is calibrated for 0-360 Bar and is perfectly suited as a primary SPG.

2 180 kr

Halcyons H-75P offers excellent performance in all conditions with a consistent gas delivery making breathing smooth. This is a robust flow through air balanced piston regulator that has proven its worth over the years and suits all divers, whether you wish to cruise along a tropical reef or the back of a virgin cave.

14 796 kr

Halcyon traveller PRO BCD Halcyon H-50D 1:a steg Halcyon Halo 2:a steg Halcyon master SPG 12L 232 bar flaska Alla slangar ingår 

19 916 kr

Halcyon Evolve 40lbs vinge Halcyon stål platta Halcyon H75-P 1:a steg Halcyon Halo 2:a steg Halcyon Master manometer 2 x 12L 232 bar flaskor 

492 kr

SHARK Hammerhead frameless mask

879 kr

Suitable as a primary light for entry level divers, or a powerful backup for advanced diving, this light has two modes; full power and power save. Maximum output from the LED is 1200 lumen according to the manufacturers specification. We have measured it to 900 true lumen at full power and 460 lumen at power saving mode.

1 000 kr

Shark gummi fena. Kan beställas med Shark spring strap eller standard gummi strap.

36 kr

OT loggbok i smidigt A6 format. Plats för 28 dyk.

2 396 kr

 Välkommen till västkustens bästa dykplatser kring Väderöarnas naturreservat. 365 st kobbar och skär som bjuder på Sveriges bästa naturdykplatser med en artrik flora och fauna.

6 756 kr

Komplett kit med Halcyon för enkelflaska. H-50D 1:a steg. 2 st Halcyon Halo 2:a steg och Halcyon manometer. Slangar och boltsnaps inkluderat.

8 836 kr

Halcyon kit för dubbelpaket. H75-P 1:a steg, Halcyon Halo 2:a steg och Halcyon manometer.Slangar och boltsnaps inkluderat.

4 396 kr

Halcyon kit för stage flaska. H-50D 1:a steg, Halcyon Halo 2:a steg, Halcyon manometer.Slangar inkluderat.

2 200 kr

Thermofill is made of elastic and watertight material, and it provides perfect thermal insulation. It's made from a four layer material, with Finnfill fibre as insulating layer, and breathable watertight X-Tex membrane as intermediate layer. The surface material is an elastic and smooth tricot fabric, and the inner lining is fleece.

20 440 kr

Santi E.Lite+ har samma egenskaper som E.Lite men i kombination med ett  mjukare smidigare material vilket gör din dykning ännu bekvämare. 

3 199 kr

Det perfekta sommarunderstället

Online only
3 199 kr

Det perfekta sommarunderstället

18 480 kr

En ultimat mix för enastående prestanda. Bekväm som en E.Motion och tuff som en E.Lite.

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